tvrtko buric
site   specific   installation   -   Landscape
Delft   2013
Creart   project

Soundscape by Emilio Pozzolini

His installation piece bringing the title Landscape was the outcome of Burics time as Artist in Residence in Delft. With Landscape Buric takes his working process a step further. His reaction to Vermeers painting View of Delft, which was the starting point of the residency program, leads him to look at how to capture the essential movement and time of the contemporary landscape. In his new spatial installation Buric incorporates for the first time a video recording depicting the daily routines around a shopping center. This time too he applies his method of adding many different layers of white surfaces floating in the space as it were. That enables him to create multiple platforms for the projection. At the end the image is again fragmented, featuring continually alternating multiple meaningful pieces of knowledge. By adding the aspect of movement and time in his work and by manipulating it speeding down the real time recording he not only adds a dramatic effect but also renders time and movement immemorial as the notion of landscape within art and life is.
Kiki Petratou